Телескоп SkyWatcher Startravel 102/500 AZ-GoTo

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  • Марка: Sky-Watcher
  • Кат. номер: SWR1025gt
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This 102/500 refracting telescope from Sky-Watcher is a compact and fast telescope which can find more than 42000 objects in the sky. The F/5 focal ratio results in a short tube (50cm) which is an advantage from transportation point of view. The objective lens is a Fraunhofer-type 2 element lens with multi coating on all surfaces and provides sharp and contrasty images. The 45 degrees Amici-prism can be used for both daytime and astronomical purposes. Recommended for observing the large, but faint objects, but the Moon and planets can also be observed in the magnification range of 15-200x. The rack and pinion focuser accepts 2" eyepieces and accessories. For example, using a 2" star diagonal, a 33mm focal length 2" eyepiece and a 2" deepsky filter at 15x the field of view is 4,5 degrees and even faintest nebulae can be seen in great details (like North America-, Pelican-, Andromeda-, Veil-, Orion- or California-nebula).


The AZ GoTo mount provides GoTO functionalities and tracking as well, so any choosen object can be found ins econds. The hand controller contains more than 42000 objects to choose from or ask the hand controller to recommend one interesting object. The mount requires 12V power which can be provided from the battery pack (included) or from other adaptors or Power Tanks.


The T2 thread makes it possible to attach any kind of DSLR cameras with the proper adaptor, resulting in an 500mm telephoto lens. For solar observations Baader's Solar filter is also available for this scope.



Type  Refractor
Type of build  Achromat 
Aperture (mm)  102
Focal length (mm)  500
Aperture ratio (f/)  4,9
Resolving capacity  1,13
Limit value (mag)  11,8
Light gathering capacity  212
Max. useful magnification  204
Tube weight (kg)  2
Tube construction Full tube


Type of build  Gear rack
Connection ( to eyepiece)  2


Mounting type  Azimuthal 
Type of build  AZ-S
GoTo control  yes
Power supply 12
Power consumption (mA) 1200
Tracking  yes
Load capacity (kg) 5
Weight (kg) 4,5

GoTo control

GoTo Language multilingual
Alignment method 2-star, brightest star
Database 42.900
Precision 10
Hand Controller SynScan
Tracking speeds sideral, solar and lunar
Software SynScan
Interfaces USB 2.0


Accessory plate yes
Type Tripod
Material Steel

Included accessories

Deviating optics  Amici prism, 1.25", 45°
1.25'' eyepieces  25mm, 10mm
Eyepiece adaptor 1,25" - 2"
Barlow Lens  2x


Series AZ-S
Special recommendation yes
Total weight (kg) 10,8

Area of application

Astrophotography no
Moon & Planets yes
Nature Observation yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes
Sun  no (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

recommended for

Observatories  no
Advanced  no
Beginners  yes
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