Телескоп SkyWatcher Skymax MC 127/1500 AZ-Go2

1 450,00 лв.
  • Марка: Sky-Watcher
  • Кат. номер: SWM1271gt
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This telescope is already a very compact and powerful telescope for planetary and deep sky observations. Its 127mm aperture Maksutov Cassegrain optics can collect approximately twice as much light as a 90mm telescope. Although the overall length of the tube was maintained at just 33cm, it has its design on a focal length of 1540mm. This enables a high-contrast planetary observation and many recognizable details. Even the most deep-sky observations are possible. The light gathering ability is at 329x of a dark adapted eye with 7mm. As a spotting scope for nature watching, the look offers a suitable alternative for low price. There are many adaptations for nature photography available. At 1540mm focal length for example there can be bird photography in low-cost operating area. An integrated T-2 threads makes it quite easy to connect an SLR camera. Of course you can make for example moon shots. The sharpness can be adjusted with a side knob. This moves the primary mirror in the front or rear direction. This mechanism enables a large area for the focus and offers a variety of adaptation possibilities. The external appearance is a real gem: It impresses with its elegant design, tube and finderscope shimmer in an aesthetic black tone.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Compact optics with long focal length and 127mm aperture
  • Camera tripod thread connection 1 / 4''
  • High-contrast image
  • 1.25''connection with T-2 thread
  • Even nature observation and photography possible

Delivery of the optics includes:

  • Tube with lens
  • viewfinder

Delivery of the mount includes:

  • motorized mount AZ-GO2
  • WiFi module for SynScan app control
  • Steady steel tripod (height adjustable from 71cm to 121cm)
  • Storage Area




Type  Reflector
Type of build  Maksutov 
Aperture (mm)  127
Focal length (mm)  1500
Aperture ratio (f/)  11,8
Resolving capacity  0,91
Limit value (mag)  12,3
Light gathering capacity  329
Max. useful magnification  254
Tube weight (kg)  3,5
Tube construction Full tube


Main mirror´s construction spherical
Ventilation for central mirror no


Connection ( to eyepiece)  1,25"


GoTo control  yes
Type of build  AZ-S
Mounting type  Azimuthal 
Power supply 12
Power consumption (mA) 1200
Tracking  yes
Motors Servomotors
Load capacity (kg) 5
Battery compartment yes

GoTo control

Alignment method 2-star, brightest star
Database 42.900
Precision 10
Hand Controller -
Tracking speeds sideral, solar and lunar
Software SynScan
GoTo Language multilingual
Interfaces USB 2.0


Type Tripod
Height (cm) 71 - 121
Weight (kg) 4,5
Material Steel
Canibelle yes
Accessory plate yes

Included accessories

1.25'' eyepieces  25mm, 10mm
Deviating optics  1.25", 90° star diagonal
Finder scope  6x30
Barlow Lens  2x


Series AZ-GO2
Special recommendation yes

Area of application

Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes
Nature Observation yes
Astrophotography yes (Moon & Planets)
Sun  no (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

recommended for

Beginners yes
Advanced yes
Observatories no


Battery type Mignon (AA, LR6)
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