Телескоп SkyWatcher 355/1600 Flex 14" GoTo

  • Марка: Sky-Watcher
  • Кат. номер: Flex350GT

This Sky-Watcher SkyLiner 350P Flex GoTo telescope is a great, high performance visual scope, which is easy to use and provides full GoTo functionality.

It is not an easy task to implement GoTo functionality and clock drive functionality for a dobsonian telescope, although Sky-Watcher solved this a few years ago. This model does not only provide clock drive functionality, but using the hand controller, any of the 42900 objects can be located by a single press of a button. The dobsonian mount also contains high resolution encoders and drivers, meaning that the telescope can be used with full functionality even after moved by hand. To use all of this, all you need is to set up the scope using two bright stars and start the clock drive function. These telescopes are available in 25 and 30 cm aperture as well.

The flex tube provides excellent storage space efficiency. When folded, requires much less space, meaning that it is easy to carry and store. The setup procedure does not require any tools, not even recollimating the optics.

The 355mm model is only 10 cm longer than the 300mm model, but gathers 40% more light, which is a huge advantage when observing faint deep-sky objects. A 16m of stellar magnitude limit can be reached, meaning that galaxies and other deep-sky objects reveal their details, close to short exposure photos. Can be used for lunar and planetary observing as well, can reveal extremely fine details, for example the Encke-gap in the saturnian ring system. Can use also used for close binary stars as well (optics are diffraction limited or better). Tube length is 1510mm in working mode and 970mm in folder storage state.

Thanks to the clock drive functionality, excellent lunar and planetary images can be captured.

The GoTo mount requires 12V DC power. A cigarette lighter adapter is included, but the mound can be operated from any regulated 12V DC power source.

The telescope comes with the following accessories:

- SynScan AZ GoTo hand controller with 42900 objects
- 2" Dual-speed 1:10 Crayford focuser
- 9x50 achromatic spring-load finderscope
- 10mm and 25mm Barium eyepieces

For the GoTo version we highly recommend the Skywatcher Wi-Fi unit (SynScanWifi), with which you can control your telescope via smartphone or tablet. Just plug the Wi-Fi unit into the hand controller slot and download the free App (Android or iOS) - it is ready to use.

Sizes of the telescope:
The size of the collapsed status is 1190mm and stretched status is 1730mm.The outer diameter of the tube is 410mm.




Type  Reflector
Type of build  Newton 
Aperture (mm)  355
Focal length (mm) 1600
Aperture ratio (f/)  4,5
Resolving capacity  0,32
Limit value (mag)  14,6
Light gathering capacity  2570
Max. useful magnification  710
Tube weight (kg)  23,5
Tube construction Truss Tube
tube diameter (mm) 500


Main mirror´s construction parabolic


Type of build  Crayford 
Connection ( to eyepiece)  2
Gear reduction 1:10 Fine movement


Mounting type  Dobson
Type of build  Dobson
GoTo control  Yes
Tracking  Yes
Weight (kg) 28


Series Skyliner

Area of application

Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes
Nature Observation no
Sun  not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)
Astrophotography not recommended
6 500,00 лв. 6 250,00 лв.
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