Телескоп SkyWatcher 114/900 Luna EQ1

500,00 лв.
  • Марка: Sky-Watcher
  • Кат. номер: SWN1149eq1
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The 114/900 Newtonian telescope gathers 225% more light than the 76mm model. This model is a very popular beginner's telescope available on the smallest equatorial telescope (EQ-1).


The theoretical resolution of a 114mm telescope is 1" and can show stars down to magnitude 13. Can be used to observe Moon, planets and shows surprising details. Saturn's Cassini-division is easy to see, just like Jupiter's athosphere and the jovian moonsHundreds of brighter deepsky objects are also visible, from under dark skies globular clusters show individual members, Dumbell- and Ring-nebula is easy to observe, not talking about the famous Orion-nebula. All deepsky objects brigher than 10.5 magnitude are reachable. The magnification range is from 22x to 220x. Two Barium eyepieces (10mm and 25mm) are included (36x and 90x). The EQ-1 mount can be equipped with a clock drive. For better experience an EQ-2 mount is recommended.


SkyWatcher Luna-114e (114/900) Newtonian reflector on EQ1 mount with 5x24 finderscope, Barium25 (36x) and Barium10 (90x) eyepieces, simple Barlow-lens

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