Телескоп SkyWatcher 90/900 EvoStar EQ2

585,00 лв.
  • Марка: Sky-Watcher
  • Кат. номер: SWR909eq2
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The 90/900 Sky-Watcher refracting telescope is recommended for anyone looking for a good quality telescope for lunar and planetary observations. 


The objective lens is a 90 mm Fraunhofer air spaced achromatic lens with 900mm focal length with a theoretical resolution of 1.3". The Cassini-division in Saturn's ring system or the Great Red Spot on Jupiter can be seen, including martian polar caps and continents. All of the Messier object are reachable (dark skies required) and many globular clusters and galaxies can also be observed. The telescope comes with 2 Barium eyepieces (10 and 25mm) providing 36x and 90x magnification, an achromatic Barlow lens. The Barlow lens feature a T2 thread and thus can be used for photography. The focuser also has a T2 mount. A 6x30 spring load achromatic finderscope is included which can be removed in a second for transportation. The mount is an EQ-2 model which is more robust than the EQ-1 and can be equipped with a clock drive. A star diagonal (adjustable to 45 or 90 degrees) is also included.

This optics is equipped with an achromatic objective. Because of a special combination of two lenses within the objective, most of the colour aberrations can be corrected. Thus, you do not have to face so many disturbing irregularities as usual with common Fraunhofer refractors. The aperture ratio of 1:10 has an additional positive effect.


This parallytic mounting bares already the opportunity to arrange optics exactely to the polestar. For each watching-place, the right pole-height/geographic amplitude can be set. The objects can be set and tracked with fine movements in the right ascension- and declination-axe.

The aluminium three leg-tripod is extendable in a height from 71 cm up to 121 cm.



Type  Refractor
Type of build  Achromat 
Aperture (mm)  90
Focal length (mm)  900
Aperture ratio (f/)  10
Resolving capacity  1,28
Limit value (mag)  11,6
Light gathering capacity  170
Max. useful magnification  180
Tube construction Full tube


Type of build  Gear rack
Connection ( to eyepiece)  1,25"


Type of build  EQ-2
Mounting type  Equatorial 
GoTo control  no
Tracking  no


Material Aluminium
Type Tripod

Included accessories

1.25'' eyepieces  25mm, 10mm
Finder scope  6x30
Barlow Lens  2x
Deviating optics  1.25", 90° star diagonal
Camera adaptor Piggyback


Total weight (kg) 11,7
Series EQ-2
Special recommendation yes
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