Телескоп SkyWatcher 80/600 Evostar-80ED APO

  • Марка: Sky-Watcher
  • Кат. номер: BDapo80set

This wide field refractor is of course an ideal telescope for wide field observing, providing a compact portable telescope giving a sharp, high-contrast image for taking with you on holiday. With an 80mm aperture and 600mm focal length, this doublet ED telescope has high performance optics, offering astrophotographers a fast optical system with its f 7.5 aperture ratio. The use of FPL-53 ED glass means that there is almost no colour aberration. ED glass (extra low dispersion) has very low colour dispersion and a low refractive index. Excellent correction of chromatic aberration is achieved by the combination of this special glass with other optical glass. Improved contrast is achieved by the use of crown glass from the German firm of Schott. The metallic high transmission coating applied to the lenses ensures high light transmission. Photographers get their money's worth, as objects such as the Andromeda Galaxy or the famous Pleiades open cluster work particularly well at this focal length. The tube is equipped with a robust 2 inch Crayford focuser with 1:11 ratio for fine focusing - especially important for astrophotography. The telescope can be used as a guide scope and as an ideal second imaging device for astrophotographers. It is ideal to use with an autoguider due to its short focal length. The refractor can also be turned into a powerful spotting scope for nature observing by the connection of suitable accessories. Also, the telescope is visually a little gem, boasting an elegant design of the highest calibre, with the tube and finder scope gleaming in an aesthetically pleasing tone of black and the white dew shield and the tube rings acting as stylish contrasting elements within the overall design.


The advantages in a nutshell:

  • short tube in a compact design
  • widefield astrophotography possible
  • ED optics provide colour aberration-free image
  • high-quality glass from Schott, the German market leader in the production of glass
  • metallic high transmission coating




Type  Refractor
Type of build  Apochromat
Aperture (mm)  80
Focal length (mm)  600
Aperture ratio (f/)  7,5
Resolving capacity  1,44
Limit value (mag)  11,3
Light gathering capacity  131
Max. useful magnification  160
Tube weight (kg)  3,1
Tube construction Full tube


Type of build  Crayford 
Connection ( to eyepiece)  2
Gear reduction 1:11 fine focusing


GoTo control  no
Mounting type  no mount
Type of build  OTA 
Tracking  no

Included accessories

2'' eyepieces  LET Okular 28mm
Finder scope  9x50
Deviating optics  2", 90° star diagonal
Carrying case yes
Tube clamps yes
Prism rail Vixen-Style
Dew Shield yes


Series EvoStar
Special recommendation yes

Area of application

Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes
Nature Observation yes
Astrophotography yes (very good)
Sun  no (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

recommended for

Advanced  yes
Beginners  no
Observatories  no
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