Телескоп SkyWatcher 150/750 Explorer EQ3

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  • Марка: Sky-Watcher
  • Кат. номер: SWN1507EQ3
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The 2" Crayford focuser allows the use of powerful professional 2" eyepieces, together with the rather short focal length of the telescope this is very helpful for wide field observations. Of course you can also use 1.25" accessories, the necessary adapter is included. Two eyepieces are included, a Barium 10 and 25mm ones delivering 30x and 75x magnification.

The Newtonian is also prepared for astrophotography. The focuser can take suitable coma correctors and you will be able to focus with common cameras, like DSLR, but also astrocameras without any problems.

The upscale features and advantages:

♦ Powerful diffraction limited parabolic mirror
♦ Stable adjustment due to robust metal cells of the main and secondary mirror
♦ Improved 2" metal focuser - with 2", M54 female, T2 male and 1.25" connection
♦ M54 direct connection at the focuser - you get into focus with a reflex camera, without vignetting
♦ High-contrast image due to thin secondary spider vanes
♦ Helpful 6x30 finder scope for easy finding of objects
♦ Direct camera connection for parallel photography to the telescope (star field photography)
♦ High speed (f/5) - very practical for astrophotography
♦ A pronounced all-rounder that allows both wide-field observations and observations at high magnification and is even suitable for astrophotography.

The equatorial mount EQ3-2

This equatorial mount from Skywatcher is very well suited for mobile use, but also a solid base for astrophotography. With suitable drives you can successfully take pictures of the moon, planets, nebulae and galaxies. For visual use, manual fine adjustment using the supplied flexible shafts is sufficient.


Aperture: 150 mm (6")
Focal length: 750 mm
Focal ratio: f/5
Diameter secondary mirror: 47 mm
Resolution: 0.77 arc seconds
Vis. limiting magnitude: 12m7
Magnification: useful 30x to 300x
Tube material: Aluminum
Tube length: 673 mm
Tube diameter: 180 mm
Tube weight: 5.3 kg
Focuser: 2" metal Crayford focuser with M54, T2 and 1.25" connection
Mount: German Equatorial Mount
Movement: Manual movement in both axis (motor drive systems are optional)
Bubble level for levelling: Yes
Setting circles for locating with celestial coordinates: Yes, made of metal
Weight of the mount head: 3.2 kg
Weight of the tripod: 3.3 kg
Diameter of the counterweight bar: 20 mm
Height of the tripod: 710 mm to 1230 mm
Telescope connection: GP Vixen/EQ5 style connection
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