Телескоп SkyWatcher 102/1000 EvoStar EQ3

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  • Марка: Sky-Watcher
  • Кат. номер: SWR1021eq3
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The Sky-Watcher Evostar 102/1000 refractor is a classic refracting telescope.


The Cassini-division can be easily seen just like Jupiter's athmosphere or size differences of the four jovian moons. Phases of Venus and Mercury, polar caps of Mars and color of Uranus is also observable.


Hundreds of deepsky objects can also be observed and from under dark skies individual stars in globular clusters can be observed. The Dumbell- and Ring-nebulae show their shapre easily, just like the Orion-nebula. A 2" rack and pinion focuser is provided which accepts 2" eyepieces, star diagonals and many other accessories. All deep sky objects brighter than 10.5 magnitude can be observed from under dark skies. Magnification range is from 20x to 250x. The two provided Barium eyepiece (10mm and 25mm) provide 40x magnification.


The EQ-3 mount is robust and can be later upgraded with many other accessories (dual axis drives, GoTo and polarscope). Baader solar filter is available.


Due to its 102 mm opening, this refractor can be used for planet-watching and also fog or galaxies.

Notable is also the very low colour-error due to its exellent optics.

  • low colour-error
  • 2-inch ocular
  • for astro-photography


The EQ3-2 mount:

This mount is a further development of the EQ-3 mount designed in white. It provides a stable base for most medium-sized optics and is ideal for exploring the night sky. Once you have aligned the parallactic mount with the Pole Star, you can easily sight on an objectadjust it in the field of view and track it using the flexible slow-motions. Fine adjustment is possible in both right ascension and declination. The polar elevation at the observing site can be set using the fine scale provided and adjusted perfectly by using two screws. Both polar finder and electric motors plus a control can be retrofitted to both axes: the EQ3-2 is suitable not only for visual observing, but also for getting started in astrophotography. With optional add-ons such as the motor kit or GoTo upgrade kit, long exposure astrophotography also becomes possible. With a little practice, you will soon be able to produce successful images of galaxies and nebulae.


Included with the mount:

  • mount with manual adjustment knobs
  • extra brace with eyepiece tray
  • suitable counterweights


This telescope comes complete with a light aluminium tripod, so the total weight of the telescope is lower than if a tubular steel tripod was used, making it easier to transport.



Type  Refractor
Type of build  Achromat 
Aperture (mm)  102
Focal length (mm)  1000
Aperture ratio (f/)  9,8
Resolving capacity  1,13
Limit value (mag)  11,8
Light gathering capacity  212
Max. useful magnification  204
Tube material  Aluminium
Tube length (mm)  943
Tube weight (kg)  3,48
Tube construction Full tube


Type of build  Gear rack
Connection ( to eyepiece)  2


Type of build  EQ3-2
GoTo control  no
Mounting type  Equatorial 
Weight (kg) 13
Load capacity (kg) 5


Type Tripod
Material Aluminium
Height (cm) 71-123
Accessory plate yes

Included accessories

Finder scope  6x30
Deviating optics  2", 90° star diagonal
Eyepiece adaptor 1,25" & 2"
1.25'' eyepieces  26mm, 10mm
Camera adaptor Piggyback
Counterweight (piece) 2
Slow motion cable (piece) 2
Polar finder scope




Series EQ-3 
Total weight (kg) 22,15
Special recommendation yes

Area of application

Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes
Astrophotography no
Nature Observation no
Sun  no (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

Recommended for

Beginners  yes
Advanced  no
Observatories  no
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