Монтировка Sky-Watcher EQ5 GoTo

  • Марка: Sky-Watcher
  • Кат. номер: EQ5gt

The EQ5 GoTo mount is recommended for middle sized telescope. Maximum load is 10-12kg which means 120-150mm refracting, 150-200mm Newtonian telescope or short tube catadioptric system. Tripod legs are 45mm steel providing excellent stability. The mount head weights 5kg, the tripod 5.7kg. 2 counterweights with 5kg is included.


This version is sold with the newest SyScan GoTo hand controller which does not need any computer to be attached. The hand controller contains a database with over 42900 objects, including all Messier, NGC, IC objects and other deepsky catalogues, plus a catalogue of double and variable stars. After aligning the mount properly it can find the selected object within seconds.


The hand controller has many other useful features. It can provide a "guided tour" which gives a list of currently visible and interesting objects. The hand controller also helps to perform the polar alignment perfectly by providing exact and up to date information on Polaris. The power voltage can be also checked (useful when running the mount from a rechargeable battery) and also the temperature can be checked.


The backlash compensation can be adjusted, many different correction speeds available on the autoguider port (from 0.125x to 1x), and provides PEC (periodic error correction) functionality as well.


The hand controller firmware can be upgraded from the internet.


Requires 12V DC power (available from cigarette lighter, cable provided), from rechargeable battery or 220V adaptor (5A).


For the GoTo version we highly recommend the Skywatcher Wi-Fi unit (SynScanWifi), with which you can control your telescope via smartphone or tablet. Just plug the Wi-Fi unit into the hand controller slot and download the free App (Android or iOS) - it is ready to use.



Max. additional load capacity (kg)  15
Polar elevation setting (°) 0-90
Counterweight(s) (piece)  2
Diameter of counterweight bar (mm) 18
Software  SynScan
Positioning 1, 2 or 3 stars
Language English
Database 42.900
Connection manual controller RS-232
Interfaces  Autoguider, RS-232
Power supply 12
Weight (g) 7700
Power consumption (mA) 2000
Tracking speeds solar, lunar, sideral
Tracking modes Alt-azimuth or equatorial

Special features

PEC correction  yes
GoTo system  yes
Pointing with coordinates yes
Updateable via web  yes
Accessory tray  yes


Tripod Tripod


Tripod material Steel
Tripod leg diameter (mm) 51


Colour white
Total weight (kg) 19,5
Type Mount
Type of build Equatorial

GoTo control

Software SynScan
GoTo Language multilingual
Tracking modes altazimuth, equatorial North-South
Tracking speeds sideral, solar and lunar
GPS optional
Alignment method 3-star
Database 42900
1 800,00 лв.
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