Sky-Watcher EQ-3 PRO GoTo Upgrade kit

  • Марка: Sky-Watcher
  • Кат. номер:EQ3upg

This upgrade kit contains 2Ah motors providing speeds from 0.25x up to 800x. The database contains more than 42900 objects, which can be located by the mount by 3.4 degrees/sec. Installing the new motors and electronics takes half an hour only.

Advantages of the GoTo kit:

The kit comes with newest stepper motors providing 800x sideral speed (3.4 degrees/sec). The 1/64 microstepping makes the tracking more precise with less backlash. An autoguider port is provided (standard ST4), and makes the mount usable for astrophotography as well. Motion speed can be adjusted from 0.5x to 800x sideral speed.

GoTo functionality:

The latest SynScan GoTo hand controller provides fully functional GoTo capabilities without connecting a computer. The hand controllers database contains over 42900 objects, including all Messier, NGC and IC objects plus variable and double stars. Besides the GoTo functionality the hand controller provides the "guided tour" function which can show all of the interesting objects currently visible. It is also possible to check the power voltage from the hand controller. The backlash compensation can be adjusted as well and the correction speeds available on guiding port is 0.125x-1x speed, and PEC is also provided.

The hand controller firmware can be upgraded from the Internet.

Requires 12V DC which can be provided by a cigarette lighter adaptor (included), or from a rechargeable battery, or from adaptor (not included).

For the GoTo version we highly recommend the Skywatcher Wi-Fi unit (SynScanWifi), with which you can control your telescope via smartphone or tablet. Just plug the Wi-Fi unit into the hand controller slot and download the free App (Android or iOS) - it is ready to use.

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