Телескоп SkyWatcher 200/1200 DOB 8"

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  • Марка: Sky-Watcher
  • Кат. номер: SWD200py
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This Dobsonian telescope is a complete astronomical instrument with high-quality optics, mount and accessories - an ideal beginner´s telescope.

♦ Light-gathering 203 mm aperture for impressive observations in the night sky

♦ High-quality optics with parabolic primary mirror for very sharp moon and planets

♦ Du to the optimized secondary mirror with only 50 mm diameter, an image quality can be achieved which resembles a refractor with 150 mm aperture and no chromatic aberration (apochromat).

♦ Mount easily to use - ideal for beginners - operation as with a photo tripod

♦ Quick set-up - the telescope is ready to use within a few minutes

♦ Complete equipment for a successful start into observation - high-quality optical finder, good eyepieces and a comprehensive user manual

♦ The telescope growths with your interests. For example, later conversion for astrophotography is effortlessly possible


This Dobsonian offers a contrasty view of the crater landscape of the moon and on the planets. The high aperture allows successful observation of countless nebulae, clusters and galaxies. Thanks to the altazimuth mount "rocker box", you can move from object to object with simple pans. This operation is very intuitive, as with a photo tripod.

The advantages of the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsons:

We recommend to have a close look when buying a Dobsonian telescope. Skywatcher, with long experience, has created a well-conceived telescope which, with its carefully matched optics and mechanics, will guarantee pleasure in obervations.

♦ Improved 2" Crayford focuser - the focuser does not impair the image by protruding too much into the telescope.

♦ Excellent optics – Skywatcher makes high-quality parabolic mirrors for sharpest images of moon and planets.

♦ A powerful achromatic 9x50 finder – perfect for beginners. The finder itself shows already many nebulae and clusters, making it easy to find the objects.

♦ One of the best Dobsonian mounts on the market - Skywatcher guarantees smooth motion and therefore accurate tracking even at high magnification levels. Heavy exepieces - no problem with the friction screw by which yo can adjust the drag.

♦ Better illumination through optimal focus position. Compare with other Dobsonians, the Skywatcher SKD8 offers a shorter working distance (focus distance from tube to eyepiece). With this, you clearly gain illumination. The image becomes brighter to the edge. With other Dobsonians, galaxies and nebulae soon disappear near the edge, as the focuser is just too tall. With the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P, you can see these objects even at the edge of the field of view.

♦ Upgrading with additional accessories - no problem. Teleskop Service offers an extensive range of accessories. Using tube rings, you can even put the Newtonian to an equatorial mount and get a wonderful telescope which you can use even for astrophotography. Of course, we offer various 2" and 1.25" eyepieces, nebular filters, and much more.

You can already see these celestial objects with this Dobsonian:

♦ Craters and finest rilles on the moon
♦ Details of planets, like the polar caps of Mars or structures in the Great Red Spot on Jupiter
♦ Resolve globular clusters into single stars
♦ View details in planetary nebulae
♦ See spiral arms in bright galaxies
♦ Hunt comets

Those are only a few of many worthwile objects in the sky which are within reach of the Skywatcher Skyliner Dobsonian.

Positioning the SKD8 is very simple. Horizontal and vertical motion use plain bearings. The tube stays in any position - simply move the telescope, unhand and observe. The altitude bearing has a so-called "Tension Control" (see image at left). With this, you can adjust the drag of the elevation adjustment and even lock the telescope.

The 2" Crayford focuser:

The Dobsonian is already equipped with a smooth and precise 2" Crayford focuser with a reduction adapter for 1.25" accessories. Thus you can already use powerful 2" eyepieces which offer a bright image and a gigantic overview. Of course, all 1.25" eyepieces can be used, too. The Crayford focuser is superior to conventional rack and pinion focusers, it is stronger and allows for a more precise focusing. You can even upgrade this focuser with a 1:10 speed reduction.


Telescope Type: Dobsonian

System: Newtonian

Main mirror diameter: 200 mm

Focal length:1200 mm 

Focal ratio: f/6

Diameter secondary mirror:50 mm

Obstruction (linear): only 25%

Max. useful magnification: 400x

Resolution: 0.69"

Weight: 26 kg (dividable in parts)

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