Монтировка за астрономически бинокли Orion Paragon Plus Binomount

  • Марка: Orion
  • Кат. номер: TS-OR5379

Orion Paragon-Plus Binomount - suitable for stable photo tripods

Mount suitable for binoculars up to approx. 2.5kg or up to 80mm aperture

The Orion Paragon-Plus Binomount keeps binoculars up to approx. 2.5kg in weight perfectly balanced. They can be tilted from the horizon to the zenith without any problems. This significantly increases your observing comfort. Be surprised by the actual resolution of your binoculars when the target object is observed calmly, without trembling.

The advantages of the Orion Paragon Binomount
♦ keeps binoculars up to 80mm aperture perfectly balanced
♦ includes L-adapter for attaching binoculars to the central thread
♦ can be combined with any good photo tripod (see product recommendations)
♦ quickly set up

Astronomical Observations
The Paragon Binomount is ideal for astronomy, gone is the tiring and shaky stargazing or the eternal problems of panning to the zenith when the view is only a few centimetres from a tripod leg. Swing the glass to the target without effort, let it go and observe in a relaxed manner.

The Construction
The Binomount is solidly constructed, all parts are of course made of metal and the slide bearings allow free panning without effort. At the base, the Binomount has a 3/8" tripod thread and thus fits practically all good photo tripods.

Use of the Paragon Plus Binomount

Mounting binoculars
Simply remove the protective screw between the lenses of your binoculars to reveal a 1/4" internal thread. This is exactly where the L-bracket screw fits in. After that, all you need to do is balance it by moving the counterweight and you´re ready to go.

The attachment of binoculars with integrated tripod adapter
The L-holder is intended for binoculars with a tripod connection thread on the central axis. Larger binoculars with 80mm aperture already have an integrated tripod adapter. A specially shaped holder is available for these binoculars.

Practical observation with the Binomount - sitting or standing
Decide whether you want to observe sitting or standing, the Binomount immediately adapts to your wishes, within seconds you have the desired observation height.


Weight: approx. 5.4 kg
Length: approx. 705 mm
Width: approx. 100 mm
Height: approx. 310 mm
Min. binocular height: 79 cm
Max. binocular height: 231 cm
Load capacity: approx. 2.5 kg
Tripod weight: 3,6 kg


What is in the box:

♦ Orion Paragon-Plus Binomount
♦ Tripod
♦ L-Bracket



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