Окуляр LACERTA 7 mm UWA 82 deg. 1.25"

  • Марка: Lacerta
  • Кат. номер:LUWAN7

The Lacerta new eyepiece series represent the entry to the world of professional eyepieces. The Lacerta UWAN eyepieces provide 82 degree field of view. The image is well corrected with sharp detalis even at the edges. Thanks to the high quality glass material and anti reflection coatings the light transmission is very high providing very contrasty images. Whatever telescope is in use these eyepieces can show even more detail.

The eyepieces contain 7 lenses in 4 groups. No ghost images or reflections visible during observing.

The huge field of view provides many advantages. For example, the 16 mm modell gives the same field of view as a 25 mm Plossl but at much higher magnification. Therefore the field and the sky background is darker and the image is more contrasty. According to the test stars fainter with half a magnitude can be detected in these eyepieces compared to other ones.

The 4 mm, 7 mm and 16 mm models are for 1.25" focusers while 28 mm one can be used in 2" focusers.

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