Леща на Барлоу GSO 2x ED Barlow 2"

  • Марка: GSO
  • Кат. номер: gso2x2ed

The GSO 2" ED Barlow lens provides excellent image quality. One of the two lenses is a special ED lens to reduce chromatic abberation to minimum. All of the surfaces are FMC coated, egdes painted black to minimize internal reflections. Fits to 2" (50.8 mm) focusers and accepts similar sized eyepieces, but with its 1.25" adaptor 31.7 mm eyepieces and accessories can also be used.


Hint: The lenses attached to the body with standard 2\" filter threads. After unscrewing the lenses they can be placed onto standard eyepieces making the magnification approximately 1,5x. The lens can be fitted not only to eyepieces but onto our 2"-T2 apator as well, to the 2\" extension tube, and to many others. The lens also has its threads so 2" filters can also be used.

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