Зрителна тръба Bresser Pirsch 25–75x100

950,00 лв.
  • Марка: Bresser
  • Кат. номер: 26730
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Bresser Pirsch 25–75x100 Spotting Scope is a powerful instrument designed for use with a tripod (to avoid image shake at higher magnifications). The body has a standard 1/4" socket that enables installation on almost any photo tripod. The waterproof body allows for use in any weather conditions without the risk of damage. The scope comes with a convenient case that protects the instrument from dust, dirt, and mechanical damage during storage and transportation. For additional protection of the lens and eyepiece, the kit includes removable caps.

Powerful Bresser Pirsch 25–75x100 Spotting Scope features variable magnification in the 25–75x range. The waterproof body allows for use in high humidity and during rapid temperature changes. The scope has Porro prism optical design. Multi-layer coating of the optics ensures bright and realistic views. The body of this spotting scope has a standard (1/4") tripod socket. The eyepiece is inclined at 45 degrees for the most comfortable viewing. Using a special adapter (not included in the package), you can install a camera.

The kit includes:
Bresser Pirsch 25–75x100 Spotting Scope
Protection caps for objective and eyepiece, individually removable
Cleaning wipe
User manual

Type: Porro prism
Optics material: BaK-4 glass
Optics coating: fully multi-coated, green
Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm: 100
Magnification, x: 25–75
Twilight factor: 50.0 (with 25x magnification)
Close focus, m: 8
Field of view, m/1000 m: 14–26
Relative brightness: 1.77–16
Adaptable to a tripod: yes
Weight, kg: 2.4
Dimensions, mm: 485x128x177



призма на Поро

Материал на оптиката

стъкло BaK-4

Оптично покритие

с цялостно антирефлексно многослойно покритие, зелен

Диаметър на лещата на обектива (апертура), mm


Увеличение, x


Коефициент на здрач

50,0 (25x)

Близък фокус, m


Зрително поле, m/1000 m






Относителна яркост


Тегло, kg


Размери, mm

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