Детски микроскоп Bresser Junior 40–640x, blue

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Bresser Junior 40–640x kid’s microscope is the best choice for the first microscope for a curious kid. This simply controlled instrument with vibrant body will engage your kid for quite a while. The microscope is very easy to use; it allows for studying transparent microscope samples, and also comes with an interesting experiment kit. A kid will be able to observe ready-to-use microscope slides and watch Artemia’s growth in a hatchery. The kit also includes special tools for independent preparation of microscope samples. All this will let your child feel like a real scientist!


Bresser Junior 40–640x Microscope is equipped with three objectives lenses, which allow for 40–640x magnification range. To change the magnification, you don’t have to pause your work – you can quickly switch objectives using the revolving nosepiece. The unique feature of this model is its sliding two-position eyepiece, which replaces two eyepieces with an increase of 10 and 16-fold – and it is really easy to use. Your kid won’t need to change eyepieces; therefore they won’t get lost.


To observe a fly's wing or onion cells, a thin transparent sample should be placed on the round stage. Convenient clips will securely hold it in place – you won't lose it out of sight after a careless movement. The light emitted from LED diodes (located below the stage) passes through the sample, creating the magnified image. The adjustable brightness is a very convenient feature – you can make the illumination more intensive for thick and less transparent samples, and do otherwise when observing very thin and very transparent sections. The LED illumination is powered by batteries, meaning the microscope can be used not just at home and at school, but also outdoors.


Bresser Junior 40–640x Microscope comes with experiment kit, which has everything needed to make first observations frustration-free and exciting. You can begin with observing ready-to-use microscope samples included in the kit and then move on to creating your own microscope slides. In the box you will find a set of helpful instruments and a detailed user guide with all required information on microscopes and observations as well as descriptions of the most interesting experiments.


Kid’s microscope with vibrant body color
LED lighting
Illumination intensity adjustment
Durable and lightweight body
Experiment kit in the package


The kit includes:
Bresser Junior 40–640x Microscope
3 ready-to-use specimens
8 blank slides
8 cover slips
8 stickers for slides
Flask with yeast
Flask with brine shrimp
Hatchery for Artemia (brine shrimp)
3 flasks
Measuring cup
3 AA batteries
User manual





Увеличение, x



WF10x–16x (двупозиционни)


4x, 10x, 40x

Револверна глава

3 обективи

Предметна маса, mm

с щипки


диск с диафрагми





Фоново осветление


Регулиране на яркостта


Захранване с батерия

3 бр. типа АА (в комплекта)

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Размери, mm


Потребителско ниво

за деца


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