Микроскоп Bresser Junior Biolux CA 40x–1024x с адаптор за смартфон

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  • Марка: Bresser
  • Кат. номер: 72183
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Bresser Junior Biolux CA 40x–1024x Microscope will become a true adventure to discover of a young explorer to the micro world. You can study prepared microscope slides, perform scientific experiments with Artemia (brine shrimp, or sea-monkeys) and even take pictures of all the important steps of the studies with a smartphone camera. The microscope will inspire a child to many scientific discoveries and will allow them to take their first steps in microbiology.


The microscope features magnification power of 40x to 640x. You can increase the magnification power to 1024x by installing a Barlow lens, supplied in the kit. This power is wonderful for studying prepared microscope slides, one-celled organisms, and life in a water drop.


The microscope is great for studying both transparent and opaque samples due to combined illumination. You can choose the illumination mode by rotating the selection knob on the microscope base. You can turn on upper or lower illumination or both simultaneously. The microscope is suitable for use far away from home or in a school lab as the tool is powered by regular AA batteries.


The kit includes the accessories and instruments for performing experiments, and a hatchery for Artemia (brine shrimp, or sea-monkeys). There is a special adapter designed to fix a smartphone on an eyepiece. Thanks to that, a child can take pictures of the experiments with a camera and share them with friends. There is also a hard-side case with convenient handles for storage and transportation of the microscope and accessories.



  • For observations in the transmitted and reflected light
  • Suitable for studying transparent and non-transparent samples
  • Universal adapter for taking pictures of the microscope slides with a smartphone
  • Battery-powered illumination
  • A large accessory set in the kit





Материал на оптиката

оптично стъкло

Увеличение, x





4х, 10х, 40х

Фоново осветление


Захранващ източник

220-240 V



Изисквания към системата

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 и 64 бит),
процесор до 166 GHz-es Intel Core, 64 Mb RAM, USB 2.0 порт, CD/DVD-Rom


училищни изследвания

Цифрова камера в комплекта


Включена торбичка/чанта


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