Леща на Барлоу 5x Lacerta Tele Extender

  • Марка: Lacerta
  • Кат. номер: TeleexLa5

These Meade focal extenders are similar to TeleVue Powermates. The 4 lenses arranged in 2 groups and are very different from a Barlow lens, resulting in much better image quality and usability for longer focal length eyepieces. Both of the models are 1.25" ones.


The field of view is better corrected than in case of Barlow lenses, meaning that the image won't get distorted around the edges.


The 2x, 3x model is ideal for telescopes with longer focal lengths, while 5x version is for the faster telescopes. The TeleXtenders are ideal to use on Moon, planets and double stars (of course deepsky objects as well) both visually and photographically.



Extension of focal length 5
Backfocus (mm) 60
Connection (to the telescope)  1,25" 
Connector (at camera end)  1,25"
Number of lenses 4

Special features

Filter thread  yes
Ring clamp  yes


Type Teleconverter
Type of build tele-extender
360,00 лв.
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